Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A totally mind-blowingly uncomprehensible study from Satoshi Kanazawa. (Who on earth gave him a PhD, if the following is any example of the "scholarly research" he does?)

Kanazawa has taken fifteen minutes out of his schedule to compose an article about feminism, and how it is "unnecessary, illogical and evil." His proof? Such well-thought out observations as:

It is true that, in all human societies, men largely control all the money, politics, and prestige. They do, because they have to, in order to impress women. Women don’t control these resources, because they don’t have to. What do women control? Men. As I mention in an earlier post, any reasonably attractive young woman exercises as much power over men as the male ruler of the world does over women.

Oh wow.

I don't know about you guys, but I would rather control all the money, politics and prestige than be forced to rely on being "reasonably attractive" in order to feed my family, control my reproductive health, raise my children, educate myself, etc. etc.

Mr. Kanazawa's reasoning, as you can see, is flawless. Check out the full article for more gems of wisdom.

P.S. He is also the author of such well-reasoned phrases as:

The reason why gay men never stop having sex is that there are no women in their relationships to say no

Again, why does this man have a PhD?

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