Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Futuristic Fashions

First of all, I'd like to apologize to everyone. I was crazy busy this week, and somehow, posting on Thursday slipped my mind. My apologies to Athena staff and readers alike!

As it is for comedy, people sometimes turn to sitcoms, comics, or J.K. Rowling books (who doesn't love a good Ron and Hermione banter?). I turn to the ridiculously old
"educational" films that tell people how to date or make good use of their leisure time. Recently, I fell upon this gem:

OK, although I would admit that the time of thinking seems like it would make sense. The year 2000 seemed to be thought of as the most furturistic year - the turn of the millenium, the end of an era. People in flying cars, jet packs, and robot pets. Well, although they've developed robot pet toys, society hasn't come quite as far as the predictions. Or has it? I started to go through the fashion predictions, one by one, to see how far we've come by this 1930's standard.

DUAL FUNCTION CLOTHING: Well, although it hasn't taken over, we do see it every once in a while. The following clip is from Project Runway (a reality TV fashion show). Isn't exactly a day to evening outfit, but I do love this dress! (Sorry about the link, but it's a cute dress - click on to see!)

MESH DRESSES: Well, let's say that this is a trend that's definitely caught on. From Halle Berry's Oscar-Award Winning dress in the early 90's to the more futuristic looks from young artists like Anna Paquin and Megan Fox, mesh is certainly one of the predictions that came true!

NO MORE SKIRTS: Well, while pants may make for very comfortable attire, I think it's safe to say that the skirt has survived. However, it's not quite the same with the quirky shoes...

HAIR DECORATIONS: Well, although I think that carrying a lightbulb in my hair might make reading in the dark easier, I think it's easy to see how this will never, EVER catch on. Light is one thing, but hair is too previous to be that close to heat! As it is with electric belts. And the glass wedding dresses. These things, I think, will never catch on.

And now, my favourite: the men's fashion! I wish boys would carry coins, keys and candy for cuties, but something tells me that this phase will never come into style. Although they did call the portable radios, and cell phones.

So, even though these predictions really seem silly, I guess many really did come true. Would that mean that electric belts will be in vogue soon? Am I wrong about the flashlight hairdos? Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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