Thursday, September 17, 2009

Most Ridiculous Ads!

Hello everyone!

Just the other day, I was flipping through one of my magazines, and something struck me - how RIDICULOUS some ads are in magazines are! And I thought, just for a giggle, I would see what kind of ads came out this month. I found some winners...

This is one I found in a Canadian magazine...I like to think about what the girl in the photo is thinking. Talk about re-inventing the Canadian stereotype to such an extreme level that you have to dress a girl up in Caribou antlers in order to define this fashion as Canadian! News flash: We Canadians rock style with names like David Dixon, Joe Fresh, and DSquared. We know how to wear any look, because we have to look good in extreme cold, and we do not need the completely idiotic stereotypes of our native animals to do so!

Here we see a woman. She is powerful; she is a hunter, a fighter, an athlete, unstoppable. And she is this, thanks to...the scarf she is wearing. That's right, folks - nothing to do with endurance, nothing to do with her being a powerful force of nature, it's all about the only removable part of this picture. Seriously? I still find it hard to beleive that this is the premise that Hermes is basing it's campaign on - RIDICULOUS!!

Ah, yes..."Home is a feeling". Although I can agree with that sentiment, something tells me that my feeling of home will never spout from sitting on my monogrammed luggage, on either the set of a train pulling out of a station (hence, the stage light) or a train station with a poorly placed stage light. Either way...what is this supposed to tell us about ourselves? "I might be in the gutters of a train station, with smog, steam and grimy floors, but I am sitting on my expensive luggage, so that must define me as a person of class and good taste." While it might mean that this woman has expensive taste, I can't help but think that maybe too much is being centered around the luggage. I mean, I like to think I travel in style, but when you're going somewhere, everyone just wants to take the suitcase that fits the most of their stuff in it. Louis Vuitton is not going to evoke the feeling of home on your travels!

This one, I just find silly...what kind of person thinks, "We need a tall woman, long legs, in a short dress, with a certain ambiance to the background. How about...WINDMILLS!" Yes! What a unique way to introduce these power-saving vices - no more will they be just big, cumbersome eyesores that power our cities with electricity waste-free. No, now they will serve a more useful purpose! The purpose of making the model look taller. What a great use of our tax dollars!

All right...although I love making fun of the ridiculous ploys that advertising companies go to, so we'll buy their stuff, there is a point in all of this. The luggage, boots, and let's face it, even the antlers, look good in these ads. They're made to look good, because that's the job of the people who work for these companies - to sell their products. We see something like 1,000 ads a week, from big billboards to that Nike checkmark you barely noticed on your best friend's t-shirt. The next time you look at a magazine trying to sell you something, try poking fun at it - you might find yourself less wanting to buy it, and more laughing at how ludicrous some of them actually are!

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