Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trendy Thursdays Revealed!

Hello Athenites!

My name is Charlotte. I'm a second-year student at the University of Ottawa who shamelessly steals the intros of her fellow Athena contributors (sorry, Yamina!). I am the main contributor to Fashion Corner, which will be a new addition to Athena next issue. I am also in charge of Trendy Thursdays! To all you out there reading, I would love your input, ideas and photos of you rocking your look, whatever it is! This time, however, I am writing about trends I'm seeing for fall. Anyone who's going to see The September Issue (a movie about the life of Anna Wintour, editor in chief for Vogue magazine) knows that fall is the biggest season in fashion. And with that season, comes all sorts of advice on what's now "hot" versus "not". I am here to break down the trends, and give you my honest-to-goodness opinion on them!

So, the bright-tight fad that came into effect (or so the magazines say) in spring has now moved onto beaded tights, such as the following:

Now, I like a good stroll down to Sassy Beads now and then. But these tights are out of this world! I actually like them, but don't think I'd ever find a place to wear them (tea with...Lady Gaga?) so I think they're just going to have to be one of those trends that everyone will take with a grain of salt. I do, however, think that colourful tights are a bright new way to express your originality.

By the way, sorry for all the photos with heels in them... flats rock with this look too!


This is one of those trends that makes me go, "Really? Really? You're trying to tell me that without these boots, I will be lost? I am lost IN these boots -- they're too high!" Now, I like fashionable (as opposed to functional) boots, and in fall, I think that they're the best in-between shoe -- in between flip flops and snow boots, that is. But when boots are rivaling pants for coverage of leg, there seems to be a problem. This is a trend that I think will be discarded faster than last night's leftovers.

I see these a lot on shows like "Gossip Girl", where you know that their costumes were planned out to a T.

All I can say is, THANK YOU FASHION GODS! Thank you for finally producing a trend that makes sense! Last year I read--in the middle of winter--that it was the style to wear short with tights underneath with open-toed shoes. In winter. Now, I understand that not everyone who reads this blog is necessarily from Ottawa, or even Canada, for that matter, but wearing shorts - or open-toed shoes - or even tights, in -40 degree weather, is insane! No one could do it, and that makes us either feel behind the times or frustrated (or both). I am a huge fan of trends that involve me staying warm. Rock those gloves, girls!

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  1. I think the thigh high boots trend is a little ridiculous too - what are we supposed to wear them with?! I saw a great idea on another blog of making thigh-high spats out of a thrifted leather skirt - that way, you can get the look while using another pair of boots, and not have to worry about it next year when the trend is out (and you have a pair of ridiculously expensive thigh high boots that nobody wants!).

    Just found you guys, love it so far. Definitely putting you in the google reader!

  2. Oh my goooood, I need those bejewelled tights in my life. I don't care if they're inappropriate, I'd wear them every where!

  3. Actually, could you tell me of which designer those particular tights are?