Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clothes for Causes!

Hello Everyone!

So, today is Thursday, and tonight I'm going to a special event, which is a media party for a fashion show going on here in Ottawa. I'm super stoked, for many reasons; the fashion part, the fact that it's in Ottawa (which rarely sees these kind of cool events), the fact that I will actually be on the media guestlist, and the fact that fashion television is going to be there.

But probably the biggest reason that I'm excited for this event is because the cause is a good one. This will be the first show of hopefully many to help the Ovarian Cancer Society, but certainly not the first of its kind. for years now, fashion has been a great way to raise awareness and funds for good causes. I hope you won't mind if I peruse the ways in which I've seen fashion be a doorway for activism in bigger causes!

PRODUCT (RED): probably the most (in)famous of the bunch, I can remember that when these came out, there was controversy over Bono's line of products, because a thirty dollar t-shirt would donate five dollars to AIDS research. And instead of raising awareness about the death and detestation of AIDS in Africa, it became more of a fashion trend than anything. But after many years, PRODUCT RED has continued on to co-partner with Starbucks, Gap, and other companies to keep awareness of this issue alive - and it's become a recognized brand that is in full support of awareness issues!

FASHION SHOWS: As mentioned before, fashion shows are a huge part of charitable donations. Not only here in Ottawa - there are shows for Survivors of Breast Cancer, There's the night of the red gowns for Heart Truth Fashion Week - even Coca Rocha got all her model friends together to help raise awareness due to her cousin's cancer! They are not only a good way for up-and-coming designers to showcase their art, but also, a fun way to gain support for worthy causes!

And, at last, my personal favourite - raise awareness for issues that are above and beyond what people are experiencing in their day-to-day life. Be your own billboard!!

I really love that one...send me your comments/pics!!!

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