Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mental Health Mondays: Stroke of Insight

A couple of my friends have recommended to me that I begin watching/listening to short educational videos from an online site called Ted Talks. From my understanding, Ted Talks are short discourses given by PhD holders and other various intellectuals on their specific area of focus. At least from their titles and reviews (I can only base my following statement on this, because I have actually only seen one video so far) the topics range from more philosophical areas, such as “does school kill creativity” to more scientific areas, such as the “the thrilling potential of the six sense.”

The video that I have seen, is called Jill Taylor’s Powerful Stroke of Insight incorporated both “science” and “philosophy” through first giving the factual overview of the way that the human brain functions through a division of “left” and “right” hemispheres but then continuing to discuss the application that this knowledge can have. Jill argues that we are able to consciously enter into to an overruling of either our left or our right hemisphere, and through doing so we are able to make the world a better place: a place where humanity as a whole is more peaceful, and where people as individuals are more content.

She seems a bit overly mystical at times, but I think that Jill has some very interesting thoughts to consider. The thing that I found most interesting about it was what I identified above (how we are able to consciously choose which side of our brain we will utilize) but really you should watch the video. It is 18 minutes long, so a bit longer than reading through a quick blog post would perhaps take, but it is just 18 minutes. Totally manageable.

Do you agree with Jill Taylor, that we are consciously able to enter into using a specific side of our brains? And do you think that choosing to process things with either our left or right side can actually impact the world as a greater whole? If so, how can we make use of this?



  1. Nadya! Thank you so much for posting this, I saw it in school last semester and was blown away.

  2. I know, I can't believe that I hadn't seen this video until now.....I think it's awesome!

    I can't even begin to imagine what an incredible experience that would have been for her...........

    On a bit of a different note, does anyone know much of how people go about testing to see if one is more "right" than "left" brained (or the reversal?)

    I find the topic really interesting but don't really know much about it...

    Michaela, maybe if you studied it in school you might know a bit about it? Or anyone?

    :) nadya