Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Call.

Hello again, Athenites. I'm back after a long hiatus - a little worse for wear, but with a very important message for all of you lovely girls tonight. This one is a big one, and although it is in a relationship context in this post, there's a more general meaning to it that I will emphasize at the end of the post. So read the whole thing.

Here it is, a lesson I have learned the hard way and am now eager to pass on to you (I hate to think of you guys making the same mistakes I did) : DON'T MISTAKE FAMILIARITY FOR HAPPINESS. For real.

We women have shown over time our uncanny ability to adapt to conditions, treatment or situations that may be hurtful, unhealthy or oppressive to us. Obvious. If it weren't for all those women who finally decided enough was enough and stood up to fight for women's rights, well, to put it simply, we'd be much worse off. Also obvious. But here's the rub: those ass-kicking awesome women fought for US - they fought for the women before them, the women of their time, and the women of the future, and I can guarantee that none of those women thought fondly of a future where we continue to allow ourselves to be oppressed.

That said, it may be easy in North America to not appreciate the freedom we have as women, but we CANNOT take it for granted, and that is why it is so important for every woman and every girl to have enough self-respect to say "enough is enough."

So if you find yourself in a relationship that you are unhappy with, you need to ask yourself if the problem is one that can be fixed, and if not, you need to GTFO. It may be hard sometimes, if you (like me) are the attached type that likes to hang on and work things out, but DON'T FOOL YOURSELF. At some point, you need to re-evaluate the situation and ask yourself if you are really getting what you want. More importantly - are you getting what you deserve? Never, never, NEVER settle for less than you deserve. Never let anyone treat you in a way you don't like being treated because you're afraid to let go, or because you're "used to it." Fear of loneliness is no excuse to allow anyone to treat you badly. Here is my solemn promise to you: something better will come along. Until then, learn to be comfortable with independence. You are a strong woman, and you don't need anyone to hold you up.

Outside of relationships, obviously the same goes. You need to respect yourself, and be strong enough to change anything that is negatively affecting you if you have the power to do it. Just remember: Your life, your time, your call.

Peace and love,

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