Monday, October 26, 2009

Mental Health Mondays- What is Depression?

It is usually related to a profound,
prolonged sadness.
Some depressions hurt- every breath taken is coupled with a flood of pain and hopelessness.
Some depressions rage, and yell, and scream, and break things.
Some depressions are very quiet and still- characterised by a partial or complete lack of feeling.
Some depressions will keep people up all night, staring at the wall, unable to string together any thoughts.
Some depressions are smothered by drugs, soaked in alcohol.
Some cause people to hurt themselves to feel alive. Some cause people to hurt themselves because they feel too alive.
Some depressions amass gradually, over days or weeks- the feeling of slowly sinking.
Some hit hard, and sudden: it is impossible to breathe, to move.
Some will take the place of who you are, twist your thoughts- until you are defined by your depression.

The topics I have been addressing over the past few weeks- CBT, open communication- are vital to dealing with depression. However, the utmost important thing you can do if you are suffering from depression is to be kind to yourself, and try as hard as you can to see beyond how you are feeling in the moment- because things WILL get better.


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