Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Top Ten" Thursdays

Hello Athenites!
My name is Avonlea, and I'm happy to report that I'll be taking over Thursdays here on the Athena Blog with my weekly Top Ten list. Check back every Thursday for some helpful, funny, intruiging and who-knows-what-else countdowns! I'll try to make these lists as relevant as possible to current events, seasons, news, etc. especially for your benefit and use. On that note, here are my Top Ten Last-Minute Halloween Costumes, all assemble-able using things that you can find lying around your house.

10. A Sock Drawer: Pin as many colourful, mismatched socks as possible to your clothes. Cut out a drawer knob or handle to stick to your forehead.

9. A First-aid Kit: Wear clean white, cover yourself in band-aids, gauze and cotton balls. Cut out a red cross to stick to your front.

8. A Refridgerator: Wear a solid colour (avocado, brown or salmon for an added retro touch), cut a long strip of paper for a handle and attach to one arm. Stick magnetic poetry and other fridge magnets to your front.

7. A Mummy: Bust out the toilet paper and start wrapping up. Then, mummify anything you would take with you into the afterlife, like a favourite stuffed animal, reading material, maybe your passport and iPod...

6. A Charlie Brown Ghost: Cut a few too many holes in a white sheet to recreate Charlie's botched ghost costume from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

5. A Lived-Out Fad: Who doesn't have a forgotten stash of Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards, Pogs or Crazy Bones? Stick them all over yourself.

4. A Literal Comic Book Hero: Pick up a few comics, tear out the pages and make yourself a cape, wrist-cuffs, a utility belt, etc. Be as creative as you like, and even give yourself a Comic Book Hero name and draw up a logo to stick to your chest or cape. (Ex. The Crinkle, or The Uncanny Ms. Flammable)

3. A Sunburn: Wear all pink or red and carry a bottle of Aloe Vera with you. For a greusome touch, pick up some flesh-coloured tissue paper and attach long strips to your person.

2. A Dust Bunny: Wear all grey and cut out some bunny ears. Attach things you'd normally find under your couch to your clothes, like a TV remote, loose change, a single sock, etc.

1. A Zoo: Round up all your old stuffed animals and tie them against your body.

Hope that helps! I wish you all a happy halloween--remember to have fun and BE SAFE!


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