Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sexual Health Sundays: Links, Links, Links!

Dear Athenites,

You will have to forgive me this week. I don't have a proper post for you, because a) today is my birthday and b) midterms are coming up. The week has been a little hectic, and unfortunately you'll all have to wait a little bit for new Vanessa content. HOWEVER, the good news is that there are a bajillion talented individuals out there on them internets who have a lot of great things to say.

Sharing is Sexy: a porn-positive, sex-positive collective from San Diego, California

How Would You Like Your Queer Femme? at Daily Dose of Queer

Lickety Split smut zine, from Montreal

Queerish Event Guide, Montreal

Megan Butcher
, librarian, sex educator, writer

Whose Community is it Anyway? White Privilege in the LGBT Community

The Sex Party of British Columbia

Alice Domurat Dreger: Top Ten Tips for doing Activism in Academia

The Madonna/Whore Complex, Islamic-Style

Interview with "The Perverted Negress" about Race Play

Craigslist Personals: Desperately Seeking Diversity Training

Know of a great site/blog post/article? Post the link in comments or e-mail me at Happy colonial thanksgiving!


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  1. Happy birthday! I need to get on posting my sexist a day late, eep! I think all us athenites are feeling the weight of midterms/influx of schoolwork