Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes they make it so easy for us...

I am not trying to imply that we don't have our own fair share of sexism over here in the Land of Hockey and Poutine, but there is one newspaper published across the pond whose website I cannot help but visit at least once a week, in the whole "it's so mind-numbingly terrible I have to look at its trainwreck-ishness." I am referring to the UK's Daily Mail, the newspaper that if it were a real person filling out a dating website's profile page, would list their 'likes' as "Christians, Princess Diana, and pretty white people," whereas the 'dislikes' section would include "Immigrants, Muslims, women, rape victims, gay people, black people, young people, overweight people, liberals"-and, well, it goes on. But you get the idea.
It might be easy to say, "but such a cesspool of ignorance, why don't we just ignore it?" Well, it's hard to do so when the Daily Mail is one of Britain's most widely read papers (and unfortunately, I doubt the majority of their audience is reading it for the same incredulous reasons I am).

You want an example? Visiting their websites only minutes ago, I did not have to look hard to find the following headline:

Lydia La Plante attacks BBC, saying Corporation would rather take a Muslim Boy's script over hers The bulk of the article consists of quotes from people claiming the BBC treats Christian's unfairly, with no indication about the contents or criticisms of scripts in question. The comments are filled with such gems like "Of course, political correctness is racist against white people" (with a 2223 positive rating count) and "The BBC needs to wake up the population of the UK IS STILL WHITE AND ENGLISH SPEAKING!".

In fear of giving the Daily Mail too much traffic (but still in want of emphasizing its epic crappiness), I'll link you to some of a kind of "hall of shame" of their articles that have been expertly dissected on other feminist websites. It's nice to know when I'm not alone in my rage.

Feministing: A Little Victim Blaming with your Coffee
(this article that it references was particularly horrible)
Feministing: Study - Female Breadwinners are Household Nags
Feministing: According to Daily Mail, Childless Women are Drunk, Lazy, Bitchy, and Weird
Shakesville : Overtones of Bigotry (Referencing another infamous article that incited so much outrage it made the Daily Mail a trending topic on twitter)
Shakesville: Breaking News, Beth Ditto is Fat
Shakesville: Punctuation Fail. Narrative Fail. Total Fail.
Shakesville: (How to Be): Impossibly Beautiful
Feministe: The Pill Makes You Attracted to Pansies
Tiger Beatdown: Dear Daily Mail
Tiger Beatdown: Sexist Beatdown, Beers of Freedom edition (More on that first article I linked to)
The Sexist: Women Will Never Be Happy at Christmas, Daily Mail Reports

And this beaut of a blog in which the name says it all:


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